Holiday in Seoul: Day 2 – Off we go to Seoul Motor Show 2013

This is the day where we head out to KINTEX for the first day of Seoul Motor Show 2013.

We walked around the main Jong-ro road searching for breakfast since it’ll be a long train ride to Daehwa. Most of the local Korean cuisine in this area seems to be a slight fusion of Korean and Japanese (that’s what I feel anyway!). I had a chicken cutlet with cheese for my breakfast, and it cost me around KRW 8000, which comes out to RM 24.00. One thing good about Korea is that drinking water is free as it comes with all meals in a restaurant.

Chicken cutlet with cheese

The train ride was quite straight forward, and each of us paid about KRW 1550 for the ticket to the Daehwa station. KINTEX itself is only a short 10-15 minute walk from the station, but we took our time and did the tourist ‘thing’ of snapping pictures of the buildings leading to KINTEX.

Walking to Kintex

KINTEX is huge! We proceeded to KINTEX 2 to register ourselves for a media pass, using 4-5 travelators. It was all business after we got our passes, so enjoy pictures of girls from Seoul Motor Show 2013 below!


Special thanks to for the names of some of the racequeens above: Park Si Hyun, Han Ga Eun, Yook Ji Hye & Choi Byeol Ha.

Unlike Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) and Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS), Seoul Motor Show closes its’ doors quite early, 7pm to be exact. I started the afternoon walking KINTEX 2 and then proceeded to KINTEX 1 around 4pm for the other half of the show. The Fujifilm XF1 saw little action in KINTEX today as I preferred to use my DSLR instead, opting for the extra advantage of changeable lenses and external flash.

All of us were tired and hungry at the end of the day, and we walked slowly to look for a place to have our dinner. There’s quite a variety of food to be found around the Daehwa station, and in the end we chose to eat at a small Korean restaurant which served porridge besides the usual local Korean cuisine.

Our choice of restaurant turned out to be excellent as few minutes after our food arrived a few racequeens walked in to have their dinner too. Since none of us spoke Korean, we ate silently while taking a glance every now and then at their table.

KINTEX building at 7pm, on our way to have dinner


Hwang Hi Mee can be found in an earlier post while there are a few more pictures in this small update.

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