Hypertune Volume 133 cover featuring Jeri Lee

Hypertune Volume 133

The last issue for the year 2012, Hypertune volume 133, features Miss Drive M7 USA Jeri Lee as the cover girl.

Besides her we have:
1. Carrey Gan with a Mini Cooper S Countryman
2. Yannie Wong with a Toyota Corolla SEG
3. Ainaa with a Honda Civic EK9
4. Josephine from He & She Management with Honda Integra DC2 Type-R and Nissan Silvia Spec R
5. Angie Lim with a Toyota Camry

Also in this issue is the coverage for Miss Drive M7 Hypertune semi-finals and Mean Machines in Auto City, Juru. Girls galore! Check out hypertunemag.com for more news, stories and babes.

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