Holiday in Seoul: Going back to KINTEX on Day 4

It’s our second time heading out to KINTEX for this year’s Seoul Motor Show. Once there we split up to cover whatever we liked, and we all used the free WiFi at KINTEX to keep in constant contact with each other.

Seoul Motor Show on the weekend is just packed with people.

Each exhibitor is crowded despite the ample space between the cars, though quite a majority of the crowd is also made up of people lining up to collect their goody bags. Like Bangkok Motor Show special areas are available at each booth for prospective buyers to get more information from the sales personnel on duty. I’m only mentioning this because our very own KLIMS pale in comparison, which isn’t a good sign if Malaysia aims to be a regional automotive player.

As with most other car shows SMS 2013 featured special guest appearances by Korean celebrities and music performance by Korean bands.

There’s nothing much more that I can say about Seoul Motor Show 2013 – so here are more pictures of the babes from Seoul Motor Show 2013.

Babes of Seoul Motor Show 2013

Fujifilm XF1 Review
Having spent the past 3 days using the Fujifilm XF1 on a regular basis, I can now give my views on this nice retro-styled camera, which is one of the selling points for Fujifilm.



What do I liked about the XF1? It’s small and light, like other compact cameras in its’ range – however the stabilization function works pretty well as I can say none of my shots suffer from blurriness. This is in contrast with other compact cameras which I used many years ago like the Sony Cybershot & Canon IXUS range of cameras. My big hands were not suited for those cameras but seem to handle the XF1 quite well.

I think everyone who has ever used or reviewed this new line of Fujifilm cameras will keep on talking about it’s retro-styling aesthetics. It sets the whole range of Fujifilm cameras apart from the competitors – the build quality feels very solid, and dare I say, premium. Turning on the XF1 requires an unconventional method via twisting and pulling the lens. The lens itself offers 4x optical zoom, from 25mm to 100mm. The f1.8 aperture at 25mm is great for taking bokeh shots.

The Fujifilm XF1 is capable of shooting in RAW format besides the usual JPEG format. This allows photographers like myself to do more of the tweaking in programs like Lightroom later on without losing any details. I’m not too comfortable talking about specs as for me it’s the final image that matters, and so for people who like to read the spec sheet, here’s the official Fujifilm XF1 page.

The many software filters that comes along with Fujifilm XF1 is also a plus point. I enjoyed playing with the different color and B&W filters, as well as the advanced filter choices of ‘toy camera’, ‘miniature’ and others. Color reproduction is pretty good, along with the auto white balance settings. I didn’t have to change the white balance settings at anytime during the past 3 days.

In general the colors do turn out quite nice though I encountered some photos which are less vibrant or less ‘pop’. It’s nothing that Photoshop can’t easily fix via contrast and saturation.

There’s only one gripe that I have with this camera, but I would say it is not a fair comparison. I find that the JPEG images at high ISO settings tend to be a bit soft – lacking details most likely due to over aggressive noise reduction. The sharpening algorithm doesn’t help much as it produces strange artifacts here and there in the picture. This might be solved with a firmware update later on, but I suppose the majority of users won’t do pixel peeping as much as I do.

Retailing at around RM1399 it’s a very good camera to bring along with you for your travels or any social gatherings. It’s small and light, dependable, has high ISO settings, and even fits nicely on big hands like mine. The unit I tested in Korea had some battery problems due to a combination of heavy usage and cold weather, so I strongly suggest that an extra battery be brought along.

Head back to my Day 3 posting for some pictures taken with the Fujifilm XF1.

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